There are so many great bats on the market today that choosing the best fastpitch bats is a matter of matching your hitting style to the technology and features built into the bat. In short, it’s about buying the best fastpitch bat FOR YOU!

Tailor a bat to your game and you’ll be a more dangerous hitter. If you are your team’s power supply there are plenty of hitting sticks that will help you take it deep more often. If you’re the spark plug at the top of the lineup choose a bat built for smacking the fastball to all fields. Hitters who balance average with run production will find pieces of lumber to enhance both. Let’s get down to details.

2 of the Overall Best Fastpitch Bats We Found!

DeMarini CF3 Fastpitch Bat

Not all fastpitch bats are created equal. That’s just the facts. The DeMarini CF3 Black Fastpitch Bat is an elite bat any way you slice it, made to meet the needs and demands of elite players

Miken Icon Fastpitch Softball Bat

The debate rages in fastpitch circles as to which material delivers better performance, alloy or composite. When you ask the engineers at renowned bat maker Miken they simply answer “both” and prove it with the Miken Icon Fastpitch Bat.

The Power Hitters

Today’s best fastpitch bats bats designed for sluggers are lightweight compared to those of a generation ago but you’ll still want to keep some mass in the barrel of the bat. The best bet is to choose a fastpitch softball bat that has a negative weight ratio in the -7 to -9 range. You might also want to select a longer length of 33 or 34 inches that will add drive when you fully get your arms extended. Bats that top most leagues in power numbers include models like the

Anderson Techzilla-The Anderson Techzilla Fastpitch Softball Bats can bite the opponent in more ways than that. The Taper Flex contour and the very thin handle contribute to outstanding feel, plus they create a whip-like action for even faster bat speeds. These sticks are made with a -10 weight to length ratios and the handle technology helps you make the most of it at the plate.

To make the most of that power-hungry bat your game might improve with tips from University of Florida coach Tim Walton. His 20 Power Hitting Drills for Softball (DVD) will help boost your slugging percentage with proven techniques.

Next Best Fastpitch Bats we Found

Easton SX70B Fastpitch Bats

The Easton SX70B Reflex Fastpitch Bat is constructed from 7050 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, and that is some pretty hard material. There is plenty of power in this club and when you combine that with the low weights!

Swinging for a Higher Average?

If you typically get penciled into the lineup in the 1 or 2 spot the chances are you’ve got an excellent on-base percentage and know how to put the ball in play. The best fastpitch bats you might consider looking into are those with the highest negative weight ratio. They are designed to deliver high bat speeds and superb bat control. They give you the best opportunity to adjust to pitches during your swing producing the best contact. Highly rated bats in this department include the

Rawlings  Plasma-Many big hitters like to take some heavy lumber to the plate with them and the Rawlings Liquid Plasma Gold Fastpitch Softball Bats are ready for action. Heavy might not be the best word for these sticks which are significantly lighter

Mizuno Frenzy2-The extended barrel on the Frenzy 2 puts more bat on the ball when a pitch is inside. On outside pitches the coiled end cap adds some weight to put more sting on the ball and less on your hands when you hit one near the end of the barrel.

Balanced Bats for Pure Hitters

When you’ve got some power in your bat but also hit for good average a bat in the middle of the weight range is going to give you the versatility you want in your best bat! You need to find the best fastpitch bats that offer negative weight ratios of -9 to -11.

The Easton Stealth Speed -10 Fastpitch Bat features Easton’s hardest and most durable composite to date, so good bat speed and crushing the ball can be combined.

The Worth LQUAD Lithium QUAD Fastpitch Bat is one of the top rated bats in the women’s game and features hard as nails D955 aluminum alloy and a recoil handle that delivers that speed/power balance you want. This bat can be found at closeout prices online.

What Do you Think are the best Fastpitch Bats?

While you’re getting used to that new bat you might also enjoy a great hitting instruction program to boost your skills at the plate. We recommend Karen Linder: Hitting Drills and Mechanics (DVD).

Match your selection to the skills you possess and you’ll maximize your performance and contribute more to your team. Keep these tips in mind next time, as you sift through your best fastpitch bats and dig one out to take to the plate!

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